Here is a guide that will help you determine which bass fishing video games are the most fun to play. Most games these days are developed with cross-platform in mind, meaning if they are available for PC, there is a good chance it’s available for XBox and PlayStation as well.

Since I’m an avid bass fisherman in real life, it is only natural that I like bass fishing games that are realistic. Don’t even get me started on Wii Fishing or using the Wii nun chucks to fish in Zelda. That isn’t fishing, but these games are.

Sega Bass Fishing

This is a great game, but I do have a few concerns about Sega Bass Fishing for the following reasons…

  • It has a definite ‘arcade’ feel to it. (A lot of gamers like this though)
  • The background music is a bit cheesy and detracts from the gameplay. I think it can be turned off though.
  • It uses the same kind of annoying sound effects that Trophy Bass (another game) used for when your line was under stress and about to break.
  • And the view during your lure retrieve is predominantly underwater. It should be above (like real life!).

Now I do have to admit that Sega seems to favor arcade-style games that are geared more towards a younger demographic. And it may very well be more fun for kids because of its lesser difficulty to catch fish.

Overall, I think Sega Bass Fishing is a great game, especially for a younger crowd. Being able to play on the Wii is a great novelty at the very least. Finally a good bass fishing game for the Wii!

Rapala Fishing Frenzy

This is a bit more of a true simulation for a bass fishing game. Rapala Fishing Frenzy has had pretty good success in the gaming world and this title is primarily for PlayStation 3. They have some different versions for other platforms (they have “Rapala Tournament Fishing” for Wii).

The graphics are much improved over earlier versions of the game and I find them to be at the top of the totem pole in comparison to similar titles. Unfortunately, my only gripe is the use of the same high-pitched beeping when your fishing line is under stress. Isn’t there another sound effect that can be used? Maybe a visual meter alone?

I like this game and would recommend it. I’m currently playing with Bass Pro Shop’s The Strike, which comes with a fishing rod controller and has pretty good boat driving. I’ll be sure to update you on this game soon.

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